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Ep 164: Mobile games - 2023 data & trends

Can you guess which subcategory of mobile games generated the most revenue in the first half of this year? How about the top three countries for mobile game downloads? Get the scoop on the latest data and trends in the mobile industry’s largest-grossing vertical from our guest Ksenia Yurkina, the Head of Marketing at Apptica.

In this episode, Ksenia reveals the highlights from her report, “Mobile games: state of the market H1, 2023.” Apptica’s ad intelligence tool provides marketing analytics on data from over 11 million apps in Google Play and the Apple Store.

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Questions Ksenia Answered in this Episode:

  • Who is Apptica’s target audience?
  • What are some of the trends that Apptica has identified from its “Mobile Game: State of the Market Report”?
  • What is your take on what revenue trends might come from major emerging markets, like India and Brazil, that are leading in downloads?
  • Have you seen a trend in localizing creatives from app publishers?
  • What does your day-to-day look like as Head of Marketing at Apptica?
  • What’s the latest buzzword or hot topic for leaders in our industry?
  • How has TikTok changed the way app advertisers are thinking about creatives?
  • Who benefits the most from Apptica’s ad intelligence tool?


  • 1:00 A little about Apptica
  • 4:38 Mobile games: Data trends in the first half of 2023
  • 10:46 Revenue potential from emerging markets
  • 14:10 Localization in creatives
  • 17:01 Ksenia’s role at Apptica
  • 19:11 Industry buzz
  • 23:18 Advertising trends for TikTok
  • 28:29 Who benefits from ad intelligence


(5:10-5:29) “Gaming is a major player. It’s the main vertical in the mobile industry because gaming covers 51 percent of all the revenue generated in the first half of this year [2023] and around 30 percent of all downloads.”

(6:54-7:03) “Three countries account for 60 percent of all revenue coming from the [mobile] gaming vertical: United States, Japan, and China.”