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Ep 182: Building your in-app community

Amadeus Norén is the Director of Product Marketing at Amity. Amity’s platform provides customizable SDKs for every social feature imaginable, so that app-based businesses can launch, grow, and monetize their in-app social community. In this episode, you’ll learn how to leverage this community, and why failing to do so could be a missed opportunity for your brand.

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Questions Amadeus answered in this episode:

  • Why should businesses consider moving away from social media platforms and build their communities within their apps?
  • Why is it important for apps to own the user data of their social network?
  • How can apps monetize their in-app communities?
  • How can you use the customer feedback collected from the conversations of your in-app community?
  • Does Amity’s platform address challenges companies are facing right now?
  • What does your day-to-day look like when marketing Amity’s products?
  • Can app’s track revenue or user engagement that is generated from within their in-app community?


  • 0:49 Amadeus’s background
  • 1:27 What is Amity?
  • 4:32 The decline of Facebook group organic reach
  • 5:43 Why build your community within your app?
  • 7:44 How to monetize your in-app community
  • 9:17 Use cases for collected customer feedback
  • 11:40 Amity’s AI tool
  • 14:24 Marketing Amity’s products
  • 17:13 Evaluating the performance of Amity’s platform
  • 19:17 User expectations for social networks
  • 22:23 What’s Amadeus excited about in the future?


(4:42-5:01) “Ten years ago, your organic reach for a Facebook page was 20 to 15 percent. Currently, the organic reach for all of the following that you’ve built up on your Facebook page is one percent. So in order to reach your audience, you now need to pay for ads to reach those people.”

(9:37-9:46) “You can take all of the data from conversations that are happening in your in-app community, analyze it with AI, and make smarter decisions for the future.”