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#26 Learning Along the Way (Mobile Marketing Italia)

Today’s guest has a mission to help grow a culture for mobile marketing in Italy. He learned some valuable lessons about performance marketing and management along the way.

Lorenzo Rossi is the co-founder of Mobile Marketing Italia, a digital magazine and forum with the mission of educating Italians about mobile marketing and growing its culture in Italy. Lorenzo has worked in mobile marketing for 6 years with companies spanning dating, shopping, and ridesharing.

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Questions Lorenzo Answered in this Episode

  • What are some of the experiences that have made you an effective marketer?
  • Is it better to market less expensive or expensive products?
  • As a mobile marketer, did you have the authority to offer discounts on products?
  • Were you always testing no matter what the goals were?
  • What is Mobile Marketing Italia?


  • 8:13 Building experience through a mix of industries
  • 8:48 Experience focusing on scaling
  • 10:17 Lorenzo’s best moment for learning performance marketing
  • 10:37 Experience focusing on ad ROI and targeting consumers
  • 13:30 Benefits of working closely with a product team
  • 17:13 Stepping into a management role
  • 21:00 OOH campaigns
  • 22:22 Mobile Marketing Italia’s mission


“I was very amazed by this performance marketing world because it’s a mix, I believe, of creativity but also data because you see the results immediately. You can measure your requests, actually. You can measure if the text that you propose is better than the other one.”

« I believe that the testing shouldn’t depend on the goal because whatever is your goal you can find a better way of achieving it »

Lorenzo Rossi

“I cross off all of them [channels] to see which were the common points to see which were the strong point of one point rather than the other one.”