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#15 Marketing Multiple Apps Under One Brand (ASICS Digital)

For big brands like ASICS, can there be useful cross-pollination between a newly acquired, mature app and a newer app within a crowded marketing space? Today’s guests touch on how digital marketing strategies, customer acquisition, and engagement strategies can vary or compliment their multiple apps.

Joining the conversation are two fitness app marketers from ASICS Digital, Megan Silvey and Molly Plaehn. Megan focuses on growth and product marketing for both of the ASICS Studio and Runkeeper apps. Molly focuses on engagement with the Runkeeper userbase and connecting app users to the ASICS brand.

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Questions Megan & Molly Answered In This Episode:

  • “How do you go about marketing the Runkeeper App?”
  • “Do you find it challenging to differentiate against other platforms or do you think that you have a core message that sets you apart?”
  • “How important is testing to ASICS in terms of acquisition?”
  • “Are there certain learnings that you take from one app then bring to the other?”


  • 00:16 Megan and Molly’s introduction
  • 00:56 Megan’s background, where she came from, and her career at ASICS Digital
  • 02:14 Megan’s experience in the agency landscape
  • 03:08 Molly’s background and her career focus at ASICS Digital
  • 05:17 Challenges feature in Runkeeper
  • 07:26 Asics marketing strategy for the Runkeeper App
  • 09:39 What makes Asics stand out
  • 11:45 What does testing look like from an acquisition standpoint
  • 13:37 Budget restriction
  • 15:33 Learnings from Runkeeper and Asics Studio
  • 17:52 Engagement strategy for both Runkeeper and Asics Studio
  • 19:51 Next steps for Runkeeper after the new integrations
  • 24:06 Megan and Molly’s perspective for connecting physical and digital experiences


« We think that the future lies in really connecting these physical and digital experiences. »

Megan Silvey

“You know the brand because you got hit with them on Instagram about 700 times and you’re like, ‘Wow, this brand is cool, people are talking about it, and now I can see it in real life.’ So, that’s kind of what we’re getting back to is really connecting these experiences. Interpersonal connections aren’t going away any time soon.” -Megan Silvey

“Taking content that we already have but funneling it a little bit different and bringing in new creative assets from that we have from this line to drive new installs and potentially reach a different kind of ASICS user.” -Megan Silvey