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Ep. 124 Preloads: A Frictionless User Experience

Martijn Lancee is the Director of Business Development, Growth at LinkedIn. His team is responsible for the company’s success in getting the app preloaded on 800 million cell phones worldwide. In this episode, Martijn discusses all things mobile preload programs, including tips on how to succeed, how to optimize once campaigns are launched, how to evaluate your program’s performance, and the differences between open market channels and carrier channels.

Prior to his role at LinkedIn, Martijn was the head of the preload program at Google. From shaping surfboards in Barbados to leading strategy and business for Heineken in Rwanda, Martijn has been around the world. Now he hangs his hat in San Francisco with his family where he enjoys surfing and mountain biking.

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Questions Martijn Answers In This Episode

  • Were you working with preloads before you joined LinkedIn?
  • What do you think has been the key to LinkedIn’s success with its preload program?
  • What are the differences between the approaches to getting your app preloaded on a cell phone?
  • How do you assess the performance of preloads as it compares to other channels?
  • Once a preload campaign is off the ground, is there anything you can do to the settings to drive strong performance?


  • 7:00 LinkedIn’s mission
  • 7:54 Martijn’s background
  • 12:00 Keys to success for preload programs
  • 14:06 How to ask for $100 million budget
  • 16:15 Frictionless consumer experience
  • 18:10 Preloads: Open Market Channels vs Carrier Channels
  • 21:23 The complexity of partnerships OEMs
  • 25:00 Performance evaluation for preloads
  • 28:16 Optimization levers for preload campaigns


(13:01-13:17) “I think repetition is key. It’s something I’ve learned throughout the years. Everyone, especially at a big tech company, has their own agenda. They’re definitely really busy. So in order for the preload program to become a part of their agenda and part of their projects’ DNA, it’s all about repetition.”

(17:03-17:16) “For anyone who is not yet bought into the app, how can we provide the value for them to understand it’s worth it to at least check out the app to see what it can do for you? And that’s where retargeting programs come in.”