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#24 Refreshing Your UA Gamebook (Kape)

With all the emphasis on data, we sometimes forget that the old way of finding insights is still incredibly useful. Learning from others in your network is a UA strategy today’s guest likes to use. Refresh your UA gamebook with these shared insights on audience profiling, UA techniques, segmentation, and educating users.

Today’s guest, Ariel Cohen, is the head of mobile UA for the cybersecurity startup Kape, a one-stop-shop for services like data encryption, anonymity, VPNs, and anti-virus products. Previously, Ariel was a marketing manager in the mobile casino game space for Playtika and Aditor.

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Questions Ariel Answered in this Episode:

  • How important is it to understand your audience of users and how do you go about learning the composition of your audience within an app? What do you mean by profiling users?
  • What are some techniques you use to find and convert users?
  • How you’ve found that sponsored content works?
  • Or how do you bring nuanced messages to your users in order to get them to engage with your product?
  • Do you have to educate consumers about your services after they begin to engage with your product?


  • 4:33 Profiling users for new startups
  • 6:39 Defining profiling and its application to content strategy
  • 7:30 Browsing where your competitors are marketing
  • 8:56 Using your network to source insights
  • 11:20 Using segmentation for messaging
  • 12:43 Surprising insight on continuing to educate users


“We don’t market with simple messaging as you would to an open audience. We try and come up with much more specific to the points that are crucial in the decision making.”

“What we saw is that when we bring that information or different capabilities that we have up to their awareness from time to time, we see that it substantially increases traction.”

“We figured if the users went through all that process and compared and eventually chose us, they know everything that we bring to the table. But, it turns out, it was just not the case.”