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#19 Tracking Incrementality in UA (Adjust)

Do you know the true impact of your user acquisition activities? Today’s guest is passionate about incrementality and shares his expertise on incremental user acquisition, its significance, and its challenges.

Meet Moshi Blum, general manager of Adjust, a third-party mobile measurement and fraud prevention company. He oversees the growth of the company in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Questions Moshi Answered In This Episode

  • “What do you attribute to Israel being such a major hub for startups and new tech?”
  • “How did you become interested in incrementality?”
  • “What was the progression of your interest in incrementality for re-engagement and user acquisition?”


  • 1:43 Why Israeli character is complimentary to tech startups
  • 8:17 Moshi’s start to incrementality
  • 14:29 The challenges of incremental user acquisition
  • 17:50 Closing in on UA growth sources with incrementality
  • 22:51 On incrementality being counter-intuitive to performance
  • 24:35 Two caveats to incrementality


“I would say that anyone that searches for Facebook will go and then click on Facebook, right? There is no other solution if you’re searching for Facebook. So by me clicking on the paid ad for Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve now convinced me to go and use Facebook.”

“I think agencies are the best when you want to learn fast how to progress.”

“In one point, you need to trust your instincts. So the first incrementality test will give you, let’s say, half of the reality. Right? The second will give you another 30%. But, you will never reach to 100% sure that your campaigns are incremental.”