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Expert Panel: Decoding the Impact of the iOS 14 Update

The highly-anticipated release of iOS 14.5 ( aka the loss of third party data) is here. While targeted advertising via third-party data from mobile apps is now under threat, there are ways to pivot your marketing strategy to continue reaching your ideal customer base.

Hear from experts across the industry, including mobile campaign developers, experts in full-funnel marketing, attribution, and mobile app and digital measurement. We’ll be having a panel discussion—and live Q&A—with these experts, so you can get answers to all of your pressing iOS 14.5 questions and avoid signal loss!


  1. The impact of iOS 14.5 on marketers and advertising after its initial release
  2. How the opt-in rates for App Tracking Transparency (ATT Prompt) in iOS 14.5 has affected third-party data
  3. Immediate ways to build first-party data to ensure the continuation of targeted marketing and avoid signal loss
  4. How to continue to drive ROI by building alternative attribution and data collection processes.
  5. Alternative ways to reach new customers in a full-funnel marketing strategy


Moderator: Liz Emery, Senior Director of Mobile & Ad Tech Solutions, Tinuiti


  • Ron Konigsberg, Chief Growth Officer, Singular
  • Tommy Yannopoulos, Director of Sales, Remerge

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