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Boosting in-app conversions for Flip

Flip increases in-app conversions with Remerge’s retargeting strategy

Flip is an Indonesian financial technology company and leading consumer payment platform. Founded in 2015, the company helps people and businesses process multiple types of financial transactions, such as domestic interbank transfers, international transfers, e-wallet top-ups, bills and payment, and phone credits.

The challenge

Individual users and businesses use Flip to securely and cost-effectively send money to more than 100 banks in Indonesia and over 50 countries.

Flip partnered with us to increase in-app conversions from users who had not sent any money to an individual or business.

The strategy

Our retargeting strategy split Flip’s audience into two segments based on different events.

We ran multiple creative formats to find the best-performing ads for each segment and leveraged our extensive publisher network to purchase available ad inventory, at scale.

We collaborated with Flip over a four-month period and conducted weekly campaign optimizations to improve our bidding efficiency. We used our platform’s bid multiplier feature to adapt maximum bids according to the estimated value of the inventory based on supply partner, creative format, and user segment.

The creative ad images belong to Flip (PT Fliptech Lentera Inspirasi Pertiwi)

The results

We found that the best-performing creatives featured attractive prizes and learned that interstitial and native ads were the highest-performing formats. We also paused video ads due to their low performance and introduced GIFs, which helped drive in-app conversions.

The campaign exceeded Flip’s overall cost per action (CPA) target by more than 40%. We also used our incrementality measurement solution to record a 4.2% uplift in Flip’s conversion rate.

« Remerge helped us to test the effectiveness of retargeting campaigns for acquiring new Flip customers. They also facilitated a creative workshop session to improve the quality of our creative assets. Overall the services were very good! »

Digital Marketing Team, Flip