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How we helped Delivery Hero navigate the privacy-first era

Delivery Hero and Remerge run incrementality tests for insights in the no-ID world

Delivery Hero is the world’s leading local delivery platform, operating its service in around 50 countries across Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North Africa. The company started as a food delivery service in 2011 and today runs its own delivery platform on four continents.

We have worked with Delivery Hero for 9 years, collaborating on numerous mobile marketing projects in multiple regions. The partnership evolved at the beginning of 2021 when we both began preparing for an advertising world without user IDs.

The challenge

New mobile privacy measures have led app marketers to experiment with different ways of determining the real value of their campaign activities. We were one of the first companies in the market to invest in and develop an incrementality product for User Acquisition (UA) on no-ID traffic and in February 2021, Delivery Hero became our first client to use it.

Our experiment kicked off with a project for Hungerstation, one of Delivery Hero’s local brands and the leading delivery app in Saudi Arabia. The objectives were to find the optimal setup for attracting new users and to gather insights for running campaigns on no- ID traffic in a saturated market, where distinguishing between new and existing customers is becoming harder.

The strategy

In the first phase, we conducted multiple UA tests on ID traffic using various creative formats (banner, interstitial, video). These consisted of 8-hour experiments and ran during peak evening hours, when the delivery app typically receives the highest number of installs, orders, and first-time purchases.

The results

Our data science experts analyzed the findings and used them as a basis to run tests on no-ID traffic. From here, our team quickly achieved competitive Cost Per Install (CPI) numbers, identified which campaign elements to optimize in the future, and provided Hungerstation with data that showed the incremental value of the ads they were running with us.

« The reason why we took this journey together was because of the level of trust and transparency we have built along the way. We heavily trust the product and the capabilities of the team to fuel our growth. »

Vincenzo Serricchio, Delivery Hero

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