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Optimizing PhotoSì's seasonal campaigns with incrementality

PhotoSì develops seasonality business with the help of incrementality

PhotoSì is the number one app in Italy for printing photos and creating photo books, calendars, paintings, and prints. In 2006, PhotoSì transformed its business model for the digital age and began selling its products to consumers through a desktop website. The company became a mobile-only service in 2017, marking the launch of Europe’s maiden photo printing app, with millions of users every day.

The challenge

App marketers are now turning to incrementality for more precise insights on the effects of their campaigns and to help them make better decisions about where and when to spend on programmatic advertising. This was the case with PhotoSì, whose app receives the highest amount of traffic during popular holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day.

The company was in search of new ways to monitor campaigns during peak and low seasons for no-ID users. In early 2021, the photo printing app partnered with us to run incrementality tests for User Acquisition (UA).

The strategy

We worked with PhotoSì on a series of incrementality tests to identify the optimal campaign setup for no-ID audiences and to pinpoint where to allocate programmatic advertising budget for strong results. We conducted multiple experiments over a 4-week period, which included testing campaigns on ID traffic and replicating these for no-ID traffic, along with testing different supply partners, creatives, and times of day.

The results

The findings showed that weekends and evenings are the ideal times for PhotoSì to run campaigns, with video and interstitials being their best performing creatives. On top of that, our predictive model highlighted the importance of seasonality trends for PhotoSì.

« [Incrementality testing] gives you another perspective of your User Acquisition activity, which you don’t have with a deterministic approach. It’s another way to watch the performance of your campaigns »


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