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#11 Bridging the gap between retail and online (Jo-Ann Stores)

Today’s guest, Gideon Toman, is the Digital Marketing Manager at Jo-Ann Stores. In this episode, he shares the challenges of having both a retail store and an online store, all the while providing a first-class customer experience.

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Questions Gideon Answered In This Episode

  • Did you always have an affinity for math or data that allowed you to work successfully in the digital marketing space?
  • Getting a comprehensive view of how your digital marketing might impact your retail stores - is that a challenge that you guys face regularly and do you feel like you have built out a marketing stack that allows you to overcome challenges like that?
  • In mobile app marketing, a lot of campaigns are predicated on what is reported by a third-party attribution source. When it comes to mobile apps, is that how you determine success as well?
  • Could you lay out what a delightful experience looks like in your eyes for your customers?
  • Has the mobile app become a more important part of the JO-ANN business over the last 3 years; has this become a focus for you?


  • 01:07 Gideon’s background
  • 03:55 JO-ANN’s presence all of the country
  • 04:37 Tying online to offline experiences
  • 08:38 Defining their mobile app success
  • 09:39 Importance of time when running a incrementality test
  • 10:54 Gideon’s perspective on what is a delightful experience for customers
  • 15:04 Gideon’s perspective of the JO-ANN’s app
  • 18:53 Gideon on customer feedback
  • 20:18 Gideon’s future plan as a Digital Marketing Manager at JO-ANN Store


“That’s what we’re shooting for. That’s the last checkmark on any list of whether we should do something or not - Is this going to be an inspiring great experience for the customer?”