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Ep 161: The power of deep linking in apps

Amanda Vandiver is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Branch, a mobile attribution provider. In this episode, Amanda explains the importance of deep linking for user experience, measurement, and attribution in this post-IDFA era. She also discusses retention strategies that mobile marketers can leverage across owned and earned channels.

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Questions Amanda answered in this episode:

  • Have you seen any specific owned and earned channels working well for customers?
  • Is web-to-app measurement a capability that Branch has?
  • Are QR codes effective? What are some of the use cases where they’ve been successful?
  • Any other channels that you’ve seen customers having a renewed interest in?
  • Is it worth pushing a referral campaign if you’re not using deep links?


  • 2:00 Amanda’s background.
  • 5:45 What is Branch?
  • 8:50 Mobile website landing pages
  • 12:42 Deep linking measurement
  • 14:17 Leveraging QR codes
  • 21:40 Channels making a comeback
  • 23:47 The importance of deep links
  • 25:04 Deep linking & SEO app attribution


(6:56-7:19) “It’s important to remember that owned and earned channels are not as complicated to navigate because they’re not as impacted by these privacy regulations in the same way. And outside of that, users that are acquired through these owned and earned channels actually have higher retention rates. They come from a world where they’re already interested in something that you’ve done: some of the content you’ve created, or your mission, or an influencer that you work with.”

(24:30-24:40) “The deep link is creating that connection, that match, between the share-point and the person on the other end opening the app – making sure that they are taken to the right place.”