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#8 Getting Creative with Creatives (Peak Labs)

Today’s guest is Thiago Monteiro from Peak Labs. He has been working in Digital and Mobile Marketing for more than eight years now. Thiago is also experienced in multi-disciplines of paid media ranging from Display, Paid Search to Social Paid advertising.

Thiago is currently the Director of Growth team at Peak Labs, and is responsible for acquiring and retaining more than half a million subscribers every month whilst reaching ambitious financial goals.

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Questions Thiago Answered In This Episode

  • Going from a booking appointment apps to brain training, did you find that shift kinda daunting and challenging? Was there a lot to learn?
  • What are some of the biggest differences and challenges you found in bringing Quixel Logic and Rise to the market?
  • You guys chose the strategy of high volume low cost, why choose that strategy as opposed to lower volume high cost?
  • How do you go about educating your consumers or your prospective consumers in order to raise a probability that the download would be quality?
  • Do you guys have any process in which you are kinda automating the development of the creatives or automating the deployment, how does that overall process look?
  • When you launch a new title, how long does it take you and how do you go about determining what your KPI should look like?


  • 01:10 Introduction of the different products at Peak
  • 02:30 Thiago’s background at a beauty market place (Booking appointment apps)
  • 03:53 Big difference of Thiago’s previous job and current job at Peak
  • 04:47 Basic marketing principles
  • 06:30 Differences and challenges in bringing Quixel Logic and Rise to the market.
  • 07:06 Reason for using the high volume low-cost strategy as opposed to lower volume high-cost strategy?
  • 07:55 Strategy structure for Peak
  • 08:30 Strategy structure for Rise
  • 09:41 Grabbing the attention of the consumers and then pass the necessary information
  • 12:19 Transformative contents
  • 14:00 Testing approach on the different Peak apps
  • 15:45 Thiago on trying different concepts for the Peak apps
  • 18:28 Peak’s creative cycle
  • 21:32 Two sources of ideas for Peak’s creative team
  • 26:15 Building a product concept and determining its main KPI
  • 28:14 Determining revenue for subscription products
  • 32:00 Thiago’s future expectations


“I’m a big believer that, if you go to the core of marketing like the principles, the funnel of the users, etc. - it applies to any product in the world. In general, if you follow the basic principles of marketing, you should be ok.”