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#17 Improving Your Sales Pitch (Current)

Sometimes you only get one shot at winning business with a company, so you want to make sure you’ve got the right strategy.

Drew Fung, the senior user acquisition manager at Current, has spent the last five years working in user acquisition, from gaming to eCommerce to finance. In this Quick Hit episode, Drew shares the best and worst examples of sales outreach and how to perfect yours.

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Questions Drew Answered In This Episode

  • “What are three things that annoy you in terms of salesperson outreach?”
  • “How many sales emails do you get in a given day or week?”
  • “What makes a salesperson’s approach worth your time?”


  • 2:14 The worst way to do sales outreach
  • 3:41 Email no-nos for sales outreach
  • 5:06 The average number of sales pitch emails received in a week
  • 5:53 Sharing sensitive information about competitors when giving a sales pitch
  • 7:20 What works with sales strategy


“I remember this one salesperson immediately handed me her card and was literally trying to scream her pitch about her company. In the middle of the club, over the music, while we’ve already had a couple drinks. I was shocked and mind-blown that she didn’t know coming up to someone in the wrong setting would just not work.”

« If you’re using a template where you copy & pasted my name wrong and you call me something else, I’ll never answer you, forever. »

Drew Fung

"A salesperson builds a report first to want to get to know you genuinely, about your company, and then just tell you how they can help you"