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Ep. 135 Is There a Winning Formula for Marketing a Mobile Game?

The growth and revenue potential of the mobile gaming space continues to explode. Worldwide consumer spending is well into the billions, downloads are reaching record levels, and the time spent in-app has increased. Competition has never been more intense - so how are marketers getting ahead?

Welcome to Apptivate’s newest segment on marketing mobile games. Host Brian Altman will be talking to marketers from gaming apps about strategies, best practices, and industry trends for running campaigns across different regions of the world.

In this episode, Brian talks to Aaron Pietsch, the Senior User Acquisition Specialist at Rec Room about creative strategies, prioritizing different international markets, and theories about the metaverse. Rec Room is a gaming platform with millions of user-generated rooms for people to hang out and play their favorite games.

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Questions Aaron Answers In This Episode

  • What is Rec Room and how would you describe it?
  • Could you classify Rec Room as a metaverse?
  • How does monetization within the app work?
  • Can you describe the structure of your UA team and your role?
  • How do you explain what Rec Room offers in a creative ad? What are the elements that help people understand what Rec Room is the most?
  • How do you prioritize what you’re going to be testing?
  • How do you prioritize international markets?
  • In terms of creatives that you’re running internationally, do you have different strategies by market?
  • Do you see different markets engaging with Rec Room through different platforms, like console versus mobile?
  • Do you have any advice for marketers trying to track people across different devices?
  • How in particular do you see this game fitting into the metaverse trend? Do you share the vision that we’re all going to be living in this metaverse?


  • 1:08 Aaron’s background
  • 3:15 About Rec Room
  • 5:10 Radically cross-platform
  • 6:27 App monetization in Rec Room
  • 7:45 Rec Room UA team
  • 9:18 Creative strategy at Rec Room
  • 14:13 Prioritizing geos
  • 16:64 Is this country better off by itself?
  • 19:57 A word of caution: tracking across devices
  • 23:05 Genuine connection in the metaverse


« You need to be constantly testing. You need to be creating hypotheses, developing some sort of test in order to prove out what you think. »

Aaron Pietsch

(14:43-15:01) “There’s always those pockets of interests that you might not have expected, like looking at your organics and seeing what is monetizing well outside of your campaigns. You might be surprised to learn that this country or that country that you would have had no idea about is all of the sudden getting real popular. ”