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#13 Making Data Driven Decisions (Jam City)

Today’s guest is Andy Wong from Jam City. Andy has a passion for using Data Visualization and Tooling to help mobile marketers do their job more efficiently, and more importantly, to make smarter decisions.

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Questions Andy Answered In This Episode

  • “How’s your transition been? Going from the vendor side to now being the client, do you enjoy one more than the other?”
  • “In working at Jam City, how would you describe the level of insights that you gain? Do you think that you have more knowledge at your disposal or there are more resources or you’ve gained insights by just broadening up the team in general? ”
  • “Would you be willing to share your insights at a conference or was there a limit based on whos asking you for insights?”
  • “Is there a limit to what insight you might end up sharing with an advertiser?”
  • “What is your determinant of success?”
  • “At Jam City, do you focus on the programmatic space? Is that part of your specialty?”


  • 00:18 Andy’s introduction
  • 00:40 Andy Wong’s general background, where he is now, and what is his goal
  • 01:33 Andy’s transition from being the vendor to now being the client
  • 03:16 Sharing of insights, resources, and tools
  • 05:46 Creative learning as a conversation starter at conferences
  • 08:13 Andy’s limitations when sharing an insight
  • 10:03 An example of associating things outside the game to the actual creatives itself
  • 11:00 Jam City’s testing process
  • 12:09 Growth performance using ROI metrics
  • 13:25 Importance of quality data visualization
  • 15:11 Making data easy to understand
  • 18:47 How personalization might impact user acquisition
  • 20:45 Andy’s perspective on the possible change of programmatic landscape in the future


“I usually think that the easiest way to start a conversation is to ask people about their creatives. And I think that people are much more willing to share their creative learnings than their bidding strategy.”