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Ep142 Reducing signal loss with well-structured first-party data

With Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) opt-in rates at less than 50%, mobile marketers must think outside-of-the-box to decrease signal loss. In this episode, Josh Alvernia, the CEO and co-founder of Clue, shares a novel approach to media campaigns: Rather than launching a campaign, serving ads, measuring, and then optimizing, he suggests working from measurement backward. Josh explains that maximizing the structure of first-party data first makes cookies replaceable, meaning marketers can waste less ad spend.

Clue is a leading data analytics and media solution for insights-driven marketing across search, social, and programmatic channels.

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Questions Joshua Answers In This Episode

  • How did you get to your current position as CEO and co-founder of Clue?
  • What are companies getting with Clue that they’re not getting somewhere else?
  • What specifically are you measuring before you launch a campaign?
  • How are privacy changes impacting what you do?
  • Is one of your first steps with clients to augment their first-party data?
  • What does good first-party data structuring look like?
  • Does your approach still hold true in a mobile app environment despite more signal loss or are there other strategies that you’ve used to help app businesses?
  • Was it terrifying to become CEO?


  • 5:34 Josh’s background and Clue’s journey
  • 9:43 The theory behind Clue’s approach
  • 14:17 The benefits of migrating from pixels
  • 16:26 Augmenting first-party data
  • 17:19 Good first-party data structuring
  • 20:47 Adaptations for mobile
  • 24:28 Taking the leap into CEO role


(8:33-8:46) “Anytime you try to enter a new echelon for your business and try to compete at a new level you have to make decisions that drive 10x value. If not, you probably won’t make it there.”

(15:13-15:32) “If you can figure out a way to structure your first-part data really, really well, there are legitimate replacements right now, today, for cookies. A lot of them have to do with managing customer profiles effectively. A lot of them have to do with augmenting those customer profiles with events that are happening all over the place.”

« “Most people and most media plans start first with how you’re going to buy rather than how you’re going to measure–and that’s the problem.” »