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Ep. 119 Springing into Mobile Marketing Leadership

Laura Spikermann began her career in mobile marketing from the ground up at Customlytics, a full-stack app marketing agency based in Berlin. Today she is responsible for managing the company’s six service departments as the Client Services Lead. In this episode, Laura shares what she’s learned about stepping into a leadership role—from setting boundaries with friends at work and discovering her leadership style, to restoring her energy through yoga and mental health services.

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Questions Laura Answers In This Episode

  • What does Customlytics do and what’s your role there?
  • Can you tell us about your transition into a leadership position at Customlytics?
  • What was it like making the case to the CEOs that they should hire you before you had any mobile marketing experience?
  • How have you been able to discover your leadership style?
  • What do you need in your routine to be successful in such a demanding role?
  • Do you have any advice for women starting their careers in mobile marketing?


  • 1:13 Customlytics & Laura’s role
  • 2:58 Laura’s transition to Client Services Lead
  • 9:14 Challenges of stepping into leadership
  • 11:22 Not always being prepared
  • 12:40 Growing into your leadership style
  • 14:27 Managing your time
  • 17:24 Adjusting to working remotely
  • 19:18 Keeping your balance
  • 21:13 Career advice for younger women
  • 24:43 Recommended resources


(11:27-11:36) “As a manager, you always have to be adapting to new situations because in the end, people come to you with new problems, things that have never been there before, and conflicts that are boiling up.”

(22:14-22:24) “Don’t be afraid to get into a room and start a conversation. It’s fine. You’re worthy of being there. And most people will be open and happy to speak to you.”