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You deliver the goods, we deliver the results

Like in a healthy diet, it’s crucial to get the balance right when cooking up an app growth strategy. The best recipes for success combine different approaches to acquire new users, increase orders, and activate more spending. We work with leading delivery apps to serve their audiences relevant ads at the right time.

Our approach to retargeting

Apply a data-first strategy

The right recipe for a campaign can vary whether you are trying to get users to order for the first time, order more frequently, or order again after not using the app in a while. This approach, combined with leveraging first-party data allows for a proper segmentation and budget distribution.

Use compelling creatives

A feed with all your vendors, their real-time availability, geographic information, and current deals allows us to ensure your users are always shown the best offer.

Build a strong user journey

Leading your users to the app store instead of to the offer they were craving can very likely cost you the order. Deeplinking ensures the user is redirected to where you want them to be.

Free first-order delivery

Make their initial purchase easier

When users download a new app, they don't always make their first order right away. Offering the right benefit increases the chances of turning any installer into an active customer.

Top local vendors

Show them what else is hot nearby

Repeat orders are vital for the success of delivery services. In order to retain customers and increase their order frequency, it’s important that you demonstrate a wide variety of local options. By advertising relevant offerings to your customers, you enhance their experience with your brand while they expand their palate.

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