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How dynamic retargeting helped Checkout 51 reach their WAU goals

Bagging customers, delivering savings.

Checkout 51 is one of the leading cash back apps in North America with close to 20 million members across Canada and the US. Checkout 51 partners with consumer packaged goods companies to give its members incentives to purchase their products on a weekly basis. With a focus on groceries, Checkout 51 has been able to save its members over $75,000,000.

To increase the LTV of existing users, we ran successful retargeting campaigns by testing out segments and dynamic creatives.

« With incrementality testing, Remerge was able to prove there is incremental engagement among users who receive their campaigns. Remerge is willing to put its neck on the line to ensure an advertising partner’s dollars are spent effectively. »

Alexander Potichnyj, Director of Marketing, Checkout 51

Using data for personalized retargeting

After our initial alignment calls, Checkout 51 provided an open event stream directly to Remerge through their mobile attribution partner Adjust. This data was used to create segments based on member activity and was updated real-time to ensure the right user was getting the right message at the right moment. This also ensured that budget was spent effectively as only members that needed to receive a specific message saw an ad.

Checkout 51 was also able to provide segments directly to Remerge through their CSM partner Braze. Here Checkout 51 leveraged unsubscribe data on emails and push notifications to target users who could not be reached through traditional communications channels. This opened up Remerge and their remarketing capabilities as a communication channel.

We have gained the Checkout 51 team's trust by providing a thorough explanation of our role as a data processor in our data security section.

Targeted segment

Optimizing all aspects of app retargeting

Checkout 51 relied on Remerge to help maintain and drive more weekly active users (WAUs). By retargeting users who were inactive in a given week (Checkout 51 has new offers on a weekly Thurs-Wed basis), Remerge was able to help Checkout 51 hit some of the WAU goals.

Multiple segments were tested in different variations of last active - X days. The biggest challenge and pain point was not being able to run those segments dynamically. As uploading segments everyday was ineffective, Checkout 51 opened their event stream to Remerge to have real-time dynamic updates.

The best performing segment consisted of users who were active the previous week but not the current week. Remarketing worked well to get them back into the app at an effective pace.

Dynamic creatives

Dynamic product feed ads performed the best as they are optimized on the fly. Using different products from participating brands, offers were rotating within the ads. These ads used different promotions on a weekly basis and allowed Checkout 51 to continuously target users who have not been active yet and show them a product offer that they might be interested in, and entice them with offers to open the app. Dynamic product feeds gave Checkout 51 the ability to show different products, therefore increasing the probability of converting the user to open the app and engage with the offer.

Good to know

When running dynamic product ads, it’s advisable to question how your DSP creates them. For Mobile Commerce, it is most effective to have a custom logic that recommends products based on the user’s product interactions or taste similarity.

Incrementality testing for measuring success

Free of cost and transparent, Checkout 51 is one of the early adopters of our Ghost Bids test, based on the Ghost Ads concept developed by Google. As best explained in the words of our client:

«This is where Remerge really proved they have their partner’s back. Incrementality testing could have easily proved that remarketing does not work and the dollars spent in this channel are not valuable. However it proved it did work and by spending on remarketing we were able to get incremental WAUs at a price that made sense for our business. Once you understand the incrementality of remarketing ads by having a hold out group for a number of weeks it allows you to spend knowing you’re getting an ROI.»

More about Incrementality

Next steps

While we were able to reach Checkout 51's WAU goals through dynamic retargeting and dynamic product ads, the work continues on with the following:

  • We will be retargeting users with new features: As Checkout 51 rolls out new features and categories, Remerge will target users who have uninstalled the app and get them back with breakthrough features.
  • Checkout 51 will also re-market in other channels by using Remerge as a communication channel for segments that have unsubscribed from marketing emails and push notifications.
  • Last but not least, Checkout 51 will continuously run incrementality tests with Remerge to have a clear understanding of ongoing ROI from this channel.