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#34 Mitigating Marketing Risks when Scaling (Admiral Media)

How do you stay on top of risks when a client’s campaign is rapidly scaling? According to today’s guest, it’s not always about hiring more people. Plus, insights on emerging channels, like TikTok.

André Kempe is the founder of Admiral Media, a performance app marketing agency based outside of Barcelona. Andre also puts on GrowBoat, an exclusive sailing event with decision-makers in the app industry.

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Questions André Answered in this Episode

  • How do you mitigate the risks of scaling a major campaign with a small team?
  • What is the tilting point for needing more employees to handle a facebook budget?
  • Do you prefer more or less control with ad platforms?
  • What emerging channels outside of TikTok should people be paying attention to?


  • 9:49 When ad spending explodes, your team doesn’t necessarily have to
  • 12:42 The more channels and iterations of creative, the bigger a team needed
  • 15:57 The black-box of Google and others
  • 19:00 Emerging channels: TikTok & Pinterest


(9:49-10:10) “I think the first mistake many companies are doing is having in their mind very often and then just execute on that is that as soon as they discover, ‘hey, there’s a new channel and we put $20,000 in there we need another pair of hands doing that. And then, if we double that budget because it works, we need another pair of hands because it’s three more countries or something like that.’ But that’s simply not true.”

(19:15-19:40) “Right now, I think TikTok is a very clear leader. And I see myself, I mean I’m almost 40, but I see myself strolling through TikTok more often than through Reddit nowadays. I don’t use Instagram at all, for example, because it’s just not funny; it’s not entertaining for me. I really don’t like it. And TikTok is like a comedy show, and I really like the bite-sized snacks of content that I get there.”