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#10 Using Incrementality to Drive User Growth (Delivery Hero)

Today’s guest, Vincenzo Serricchio, is the Global Team Lead of Mobile Marketing at Delivery Hero. In this episode, he shares how he and his team are measuring incremental uplift to grow their user base.

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Questions Vincenzo Answered In This Episode

  • Is there a particular area where your team has really focused or has there been any particular experiment that you think will help you guys out-market your competitors?
  • As far as incrementality goes within programmatic in-app advertising, are you applying incrementality measurement to both acquisition campaigns and retargeting campaigns?
  • Do you use a certain methodology to achieve incrementality measurement within UI or maybe using the PSA methodology? Could you shed some light on that?
  • Is it your team that manages user acquisition that’s doing a lot of data analysis? How do you go about organizing and compiling such large amounts of data?
  • What is your relationship between your third party attribution providers and what you are doing from an incrementality perspective?’’
  • How often are you testing your creatives? Is this a big part of your business and your iterative process?
  • Do you think other mobile marketers are heavily relying on incrementality as a KPI? Do you see that they are using it to the same extent as your team at DeliveryHero?


  • 01:04 Vincenzo’s background
  • 03:11 Vincenzo’s career journey with DeliveryHero
  • 04:01 The one topic that Vincenzo and his team really focused on
  • 05:06 Vincenzo on incrementality measurement and its application to both acquisition campaigns and retargeting campaigns
  • 06:34 How to reconcile different methodologies across different vendors
  • 08:45 What methodology to use for incrementality measurement within UI
  • 09:00 The GeoSplit test
  • 10:22 Vincenzo on running GeoSplit and PSA simultaneously
  • 11:20 Vincenzo on working closely with the customer insight team to organize and compile the large amount of data that they use in their app
  • 12:34 Efficiency and decision making in which boundaries to work with, and which not to work with
  • 14:14 Determining the short-term and long-term effects of campaigns
  • 15:14 Conceptualizing incrementality
  • 17:01 To effectively measure incrementality, you cannot rely on the third-party attributors
  • 19:43 Using incrementality test as a first step in identifying whether or not to pursue with a particular vendor
  • 20:04 Testing creative
  • 25:38 Vincenzo’s perspective on incrementality as a metric or a measurement that most mobile marketers are relying on
  • 27:01 Future of Mobile Marketing and incrementality


“Coordination is essential. If you start to do something without this being in place you can’t really action data in the end. You may have some findings, but those are not really actionable in the end."