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#22 Working with Influencers (LBC Studios)

Mistakes. We’ve all made them. On this quick hit episode, our guest shares three lessons he learned from a $17,000 overnight mistake. Plus, we dive into the true marketing value of working with influencers, and it’s not just the distribution.

Meet Kevan O’Brien, the Marketing Director at LBC Studios. This Canadian mobile gaming developer is responsible for “Hempire,” the world’s largest mobile cannabis game.

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Questions Kevan Answered In This Episode

  • How has the legalization of marijuana affected your business?
  • What are 3 lessons you’ve learned from making mistakes?
  • What are some dos and don’ts of influencer marketing?


  • 2:37 How marijuana legalization is affecting LBC Studios
  • 5:48 Kevan’s $17,000 overnight mistake and what he learned
  • 11:02 “20% for Testing” rule
  • 12:18 Google Drive hack for looking smart at events
  • 15:05 The real value of working with influencers


« What we’re really looking for now as we work with influencers is the content that they create for us. »

“If they leave us a review, we want it to be honest and we want it to come from their mouth. And also, we want to be able to use that asset in our own marketing.”

“When you work with an influencer and you’re looking at reaching their network and providing them with some money to plug a product, the cost actually becomes really, really viable because you can use both the distribution as a KPI but also the asset itself as something that adds value.”