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Ep 179: Should gaming apps use playable ads?

Gokce Oguz is the co-founder of Playable Factory, a Turkey-based company creating playable ads for gaming studios and app businesses. Tune into this episode as Remerge's Patrick Eichmann interviews Gokce to learn about the types of apps that playable ads work best for, and how to iterate on your ad strategy.

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Questions Gokce answered in this episode:

  • What types of gaming studios are using playable ads? Is there a distinction between the types of playables being used and the sub-categories of the gaming studios?
  • What makes a playable ad perform well, or not?
  • How much should advertisers be iterating on their playable ads?
  • Is there a difference between gaming studios and non-gaming studios when using these creative assets?
  • What’s your viewpoint on the future of AI and creatives in mobile marketing?


  • 1:59 What Playable Factory does
  • 3:43 Who uses playable ads
  • 6:12 What contributes to a well-performing playable ad
  • 9:07 When to iterate on playables
  • 10:40 Using playable ads for gaming apps vs non-gaming apps
  • 13:01 The future of AI and creatives in mobile marketing


(3:45-4:00) “Mostly casual game publishers and hyper-casual game publishers are using playable ads, but for publishers that have more mid-core games or role-playing type of games, it’s a little bit harder to use them.”

(4:08-4:20) “The brands and apps running campaigns in SDK Networks are the ones mostly using playable ads because they are performing the best in those networks.”