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#18 Scaling Niche Marketing (onXmaps, Inc.)

Save time, money, and energy by listening to these three learning lessons from today’s guest, Ryan Waston, a user acquisition leader at onXmaps, Inc. The company is now the biggest outdoor navigation and mapping app for hunters in the U.S. and the largest tech company in Montana. Ryan talks about some of the key marketing techniques onXmaps used to scale the growth of its niche audience.

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Questions Ryan Answered In This Episode

  • “What are two or three things you wish you’d known when you started in this space that would have saved you time, money, or energy?”
  • “What are the techniques you’ve used to grow your audience at scale?”
  • “Does your search marketing inform your target marketing on Facebook?”
  • “Are there any future products or concepts in the marketing space that you’re excited about?


  • 0:56 Background of onXmaps
  • 4:21 Getting started in mobile marketing
  • 6:18 Lessons for newer mobile companies starting out
  • 8:45 Thinking through variable a/b testing with an onXmaps example
  • 12:30 Why user acquisition growth took off at onXmaps
  • 15:09 How search and Facebook can inform each other
  • 18:34 The prospects of multi-touch attribution


“Engineers and marketers a lot of times think differently. We look at the world differently. And being able to bridge that gap from a communication perspective is really important.”

“A ton of what we do, or try to do, is basically a reciprocity play. It’s like, ‘Hey, this can help you. We will help you become better. Here’s information that you can use while using this product to help you achieve your goals.’”