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Incrementality, Post-IDFA: From Buzzword To Necessity

Incrementality— while it’s on every app marketer’s radar, there needs to be more discussion on its complexities and potential. This live webinar will shed light on the principles of incrementality and ways of implementing this measurement method to improve your app marketing strategy.

Our expert panelists will discuss the topic in detail and address the challenges in relation to no-ID traffic.


  1. Introduction
  2. Getting into the right mindset
  3. Incrementality in action
  4. Know the real impact of your marketing campaigns
  5. Panel discussion: How to make incrementality work for your app, post-IDFA
  6. Q&A session


Moderator: Marco Esposito, Customer Marketing Manager, Remerge


  • Maria A. Latif, Regional Manager INSEA, Remerge
  • Samiha Alam, Head of CSM SEA, AppsFlyer
  • Bobbie Gersbach, Planning Director APAC, M&C Saatchi Performance