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The Science Of Incrementality: Present And Future

Incrementality is a measurement methodology that has been used within the programmatic ad space for years. When compared to fraud-prone last-click attribution, it provides more accurate and scientific insights that help mobile marketers optimize their ad campaigns.

Now that the industry is undergoing a pivotal change that challenges traditional forms of measurement, choosing the right approach has become crucial for success in a post-IDFA world. As a result, more and more data scientists are turning to incrementality methodologies to verify the performance of mobile ad campaigns. From a nice-to-have, incrementality is now a must-have.

Join our panelists as they share their experiences on incrementality, discuss the advantages of this methodology and offer talk about the opportunities that lie ahead in the near future.


1. The drivers of incrementality in advertising
2. The different methodologies of incrementality
3. The technical aspects of incrementality
4. The future of incrementality measurement after iOS14.5


Güven Soydan, VP Product at Remerge
Alfred Wong, Data Scientist at Remerge
Roy Yanai, Head of Product at AppsFlyer
Omri Antman, Senior Data Analyst at AppsFlyer