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Just Eat Takeaway.com: Delivering a 180% rise in new customers

Last year we partnered with Just Eat Takeaway.com - one of today’s biggest online food delivery services - to create a new in-app retargeting strategy.

The organization was looking to grow its new customer base and increase first-time orders for Android and iOS in the German market. Just Eat Takeaway.com also wanted to maintain a high number of orders from its existing and loyal customers.

In the fourth episode of Remerge Real Talk, Gourang Kolge, our EMEA Account Manager, chats to Victor Hernandez, Senior Mobile Performance Manager at Just Eat Takeaway.com, about the details of the campaign. The pair also discuss best practices for in-app retargeting, the right ways to implement user segmentation strategies, and how app marketers can overcome some of the challenges posed by Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework.

Access the full story and download the case study via our Executions page.

Real Talk with Just Eat Takeaway.com

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